Who are we?


Who We Are

ornament1The Refugee Support Program was created by South Wyoming United Methodist Church in 2011 to support local refugees (Grand Rapids, MI area) in adjusting to life in their new country so that they are able to be physically and emotionally self- sufficient.

Our motto

ornament1Thrive: a refugee support program. Helping families thrive in our community as our neighbors. This motto defines who we are and provides focus for how we help refugee families in our community.

Our plan

ornament1Our plan is to partner with other local agencies to assist with some of the needs this population has in order to allow them to acclimate themselves to this country, preferable while keeping the best parts of their own culture alive.

What we do?

ornament1This program will connect refugees to services they would otherwise not be able to access in addition to providing programs to fill in some of the gaps in services for this population.

Refugee Stories

Refugees most often connect with Thrive through the guidance of partnering organizations like resettlement agencies such as Lutheran Social Services or Bethany Christian Services. Refugee families and children also often connect with Thrive through local schools and Head Start for Kent County. Thrive’s partners often see that these refugees need additional support, support that Thrive can provide, so they partner with Thrive to help each refugee get the support they need, whether those needs are related to English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL), the Department of Human Services (DHS), finances, education, or living.

Anna’s Story

Anna, and family lost their apartment and possessions in a fire in Ashbrook apartments. With no renters insurance, the moving costs were on them. They needed to move and Thrive saw to it that they were able to get back on their feet.

Muna’s Story

The freedom in the United States is education. In Iraq girls could rarely go to school and if they did the fathers would not know if they would return home each night.

Zebedayo’s Story

Zebedayo came to the States about 4 years ago with a family of 9. Just graduated from Grandville High School, he’s working full time and is in the process of applying to local colleges to continue his education.

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